Universal Spring Needles

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SCHMETZ quality sewing machine needles have been manufactured to exacting standards since 1851. The choice of discriminating sewers world wide, only SCHMETZ provides the uncompromising, consistent quality that produces the perfect stitch every time. While others attach boutique names to discounted needle products, SCHMETZ pursues an active research and development program to continually improve the performance of its product and ensure that SCHMETZ sewing machine needles consistently exceed the demands of the most challenging sewing applications.

The sewing machine needle is the most crucial element in the stitch forming process. Cheaper carded needles do exist in the market and many of them would like you to believe that they are just as good as SCHMETZ Needles. No other needle manufacturer can match the amount of detail and quality of material that goes into each needle before it leaves the SCHMETZ factory. In terms of sewing satisfaction, the cost of using a discount brand needle always exceeds the price of purchase.

A great general purpose needle with a slightly rounded point. Spring needles combine the function of a darning spring on the needle itself. Available in a variety of sizes, this needle is a dream for free-hand machine embroidery or monogramming in a hoop without a foot. One needle per card.

Remember . . . your sewing machine is only as good as the needle being used. Insist on SCHMETZ Sewing Machine Needles!

Universal Spring Needles/1 Pack

Color Code: None
Feature: Slightly rounded point.
Fabric Use: Numerous - wovens and knits. A great general purpose needle. Works with all household sewing machine brands.
Quantity: One (1) needles per card.

Size: 90/14