Mill Hill Beads

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Glass beads for all your projects. A large variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Most are washable.

Bead Descriptions:

Seed Beads:  Seed beads are small beads that are almost round in shape.  Mill Hill Seed Beads range in size 15/0 (Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads) to size 11/0 (Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads, Mill Hill Antique Glass Seed Beads, Mill Hill Frosted Glass Seed Beads and Mill Hill Crayon Beads).

Magnifica Beads:  Magnifica beads are cylindrical beads with large holes and thin walls.  They are very uniform in size and shape.  Most commonly used in Bead Weaving.

Bugle Beads:  Bugle beads are cut glass cane in a variety of colors and finishes.  The diameter of the bugle beads is 2.5 mm and equivalent to a size 11/0 seed bead.

Pebble Beads:  Pebble Beads are large beads, almost round in shape.
They are 5.5 mm in size, equivalent to a size 3/0 bead.

Pony Beads:  Pony beads include size 6/0 and 8/0 beads.
They are mostly used for knitting and crocheting.

Bead Sizes:
Beads are measured across at the widest point on the outside of the bead.
Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads are: 2.5 mm
Seed Bead
Mill Hill Glass Magnifica Beads are: 2.25 mm
Magnifica Bead
Mill Hill Glass Small Bugle Beads are: 2.5 mm & 6 mm Long
Small Bugle Bead
Mill Hill Glass Medium Bugle Beads are: 2.5 mm & 9 mm Long
Medium Bugle Bead
Mill Hill Glass Large Bugle Beads are: 2.5 mm & 14 mm Long
Large Bugle Bead
Mill Hill Petite Glass Seed Beads are: 2 mm
Petite Seed Bead
Mill Hill Glass Pebble Beads are: 5.5 mm
Pebble Bead
Mill Hill Pony Beads size 6/0 are: 4mm
Pony Bead 6/0
Mill Hill Pony Beads size 8/0 are: 3mm
Pony Bead 8/0
( Beads shown are not actual size.)

This product is under construction. We have many more colors and sizes than what is shown. If you don't see what you want, please contact us, and we will be happy to check our stock or place a special order for you.